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The same can be said about the journalism sector more broadly versus PR. Many others are doing corporate writing or policy roles at various organisations, in tech or banking, or working at content writing production houses.

Yakka tech pty ltd

How to Write a Summary of an Article? This firm provides I. To provide all these services it employees people. It has customer service division that consist of four customer contact centres serving clients within each region.

Each customer service centre consists of half- dozen departments representing functional specialisations and a single department consist of more than two dozen employees. This not only increased the labour costs but it also showed direct impact in terms of productivity of the employees.

Due to these negative consequences Yakka tech pty ltd tech decided to increase the pay rate and keep the employees. Moreover, they also offered a share of profit with employees if they work more than two years for the company.

This reduced the resignation of the employees, whatsoever, customers complaints did not end. Q1 What Symptom s in this case suggests that something has gone wrong?

It is a fact that something went wrong, due to which this I. As the business grows, it is likely that the work pressure will be more.

Proper management is required to make work pressure less. Moreover, a proper channel of communication from the time of query has been made by the customer and ticket has been issued till the time it has been solved should flow.

And rather than closing the ticket and re-issuing another ticket to same customer with same problem it would be effective to make a record of customer with same ticket number that could be used as future reference if some complaints or queries would be used by same customer again.

Yakka tech pty ltd

Re-issuing of ticket again and again to same customer and different way of handeling same problem by same company would definitely make customer unsatisfied and ould cause more time.

This is one of the symptoms that shows the initial mistake of Yakka tech. T service provider, it should have had individual account of customer with their unique reference code that describes the type of system they are operation in their organisation.

So that once customer give their refrence any employee with related department gets the case history of what had been done by previous colleague and what needs to be done further more. This is the second symptom that created customer dissatisfaction and longer time to tackle with some problem that created blockage in several departments that over loaded the work.

Moreover, when the query had to deal with more than one department of the division it always created customer complaints. Since, every single employee were unaware of how the customer was dealt by previous employee, every single time each employee had to deal with each customer form the beginning.

This would create frustration for the client. Due to work pressure and number of call waiting there was no proper communication between employees of different department. Yakka tech should had tried to figure out possible reasons for employee resignation.

Customers were not satisfied by the way they were served. Hence Yakka should have take a better step by talking with employees.

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Supervisor and managers to try identify what kind of problem they are going through to serve the customer. Another symptom that shows something went wrong was, due to lack of communication between management and employees of different division.

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Yakka tech pty ltd

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