The negative and positive effects of wal mart in the book the wal mart effect how the worlds most po

Comments Read by 37, people Cities from coast-to-coast are facing unprecedented budget deficits that have left government officials with no choice but to strip police forces to a bare minimum. Law enforcement officials in Chicago, for example, have said that their city has deteriorated into a domestic war zone with gang violence leaving scores of people dead on a regular basis. Murder, rape, robbery and assault have skyrocketed in bankrupt Stockton, California, suggesting that local governments are quickly losing control. In New Jersey, the city of Camden may soon be granted the dubious distinction of being the poorest and most violent city in America.

The negative and positive effects of wal mart in the book the wal mart effect how the worlds most po

With the economy in shambles and the United States, Europe, China and Russia vying for hegemony over global affairs, it is only a matter of time before the powder keg goes critical. Lines are being drawn. Alliances are being cemented.

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We know that a widespread depression is sweeping across just about every nation on earth. The complete collapse of the world we have come to know as it relates to commerce and consumption is a foregone conclusion. Throughout history, when countries have fallen into destitution and despair, their leaders have often resolved their domestic plights by finding foreign scapegoats.

This time will be no different — for all parties involved. The trigger is clear. What will follow is nothing short of thermo-nuclear warfare on a massive scale. People ought to get out of major cities that are major nuclear targets. I think there will be an attack against South Korea.

The North Koreans have over two million troops… 20, artillery… they can level Seoul in a matter of three or four days. The only way the U.

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And that would give China the excuse to nuke the United States. Not civilian targets per say. You may have two days notice when that attack in Korea starts, before China launches on the United States.

In his documentary Strategic RelocationSkousen notes that the reason Russia and China have yet to take action is because they are not ready.

But as current events suggest, they are making haste. Iran has apparently deployed warships near US borders and China has continually balked at internationally established air zones, encroaching on U.

North Korea continues to do whatever it wants, even after sanctions issued again their nuclear development plans by the United Nations.

No one is willing to back down. And as we saw in the 20th century, that kind of diplomacy ends with the deaths of millions of people.

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But what if history rhymes once again? Are we really to dismiss the warnings of Joel Skousen simply because it is such an outlier that it is impossible to imagine for most?

Or do we look at history, see how such situations have unfolded over the last 5, years, and conclude that it is, in fact, possible that it happens again?

The lives of hundreds of millions of people are in the balance. As before, when the circumstances suit them and the time is right, they will invariably push those red buttons as their predecessors did before them. Those in target cities in the U. But if you know the warning signs, then perhaps at the very least, you stand a chance.

The negative and positive effects of wal mart in the book the wal mart effect how the worlds most po

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