Internet should be censored essay

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Internet should be censored essay

Internet should be censored essay

References and Further Reading 1. Ancient Greek terms, which may also have influenced philosophical thinking on toleration, include: This ordinary way of thinking is useful for understanding the idea of toleration and the virtue of tolerance: It would be odd to say, for example, that someone has a high tolerance for pleasure.

With this in mind, we can formulate a general definition of toleration that involves three interrelated conditions. When an agent tolerates something: The first condition requires a negative judgment, which can be anything from disapproval to disgust.

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Judgment here is meant to be a broad concept that can include emotions, dispositions, tastes, and reasoned evaluations. This negative judgment inclines the agent toward a negative action toward the thing that is perceived as being negative. This broadly Stoic conception of judgment is a common assumption in discussions of toleration.

Defenders of toleration assume that we can, to a certain extent, voluntarily control the expression of our negative reactions by opposing them with different, countervailing, judgments. Although judgments and emotions are both thought to have motivating force, they can be resisted by some other judgment, habit or virtue.

The entity toward which an agent has a negative judgment can be an event, an object, or a person, although with regard to tolerance as a moral and political disposition, the entity is usually thought to be a person. Although we speak of tolerating pain, for example, the moral and political emphasis is on tolerating some other person, a group of people, or their activities.

The second condition states that the agent has the power to negate the entity in question. Toleration is concerned with resisting the temptation to actively negate the thing in question.

To distinguish toleration from cowardice or weakness of will the agent must have some capacity to enact his negative judgment. Toleration occurs when the agent could actively negate or destroy the person or object in question, but chooses not to.

The word negate is used here in a broad sense that allows for a variety of negative reactions. Negative actions can include: The continuum of negations is decidedly vague.

It is not clear, for example, whether condemnation and avoidance are negations of the same sort as violent action. Despite the vagueness of the continuum of negative activities, the focal point of the second criterion is the power to negate: The third condition states that the agent deliberately refrains from exercising his power to negate.

Tolerant agents deliberately choose not to negate those things they view negatively. Tolerant restraint of the negative judgment is supposed to be free and deliberate: Good reasons for toleration are plural.

Each of these provides us with a reason for thinking that it is good not to negate the thing in question.Should the Internet be Censored?

Essay - Ximenes 1 Should the Internet Be Censored. “No bones about it, the Internet needs to be censored”. Some people believe that the internet should be regulated and censored.

Others disapprove of any kind of censorship because they feel that the internet is a vent through which the oppressed can express their opinion.

Jul 17,  · There should not be any censorship for someone’s personal material because they are the only ones that should be viewing it anyway. If all private material were to be censored at all times, it would most definitely not be considered private, or personal. Total internet censorship is an extremity of what should be done.

A reality in many parts of the world, regulated and heavily censored internet activity seems to be more of a possibility than ever for the United States as well. Here are ten of the reasons why governments should not regulate the internet.

Introduction Weather modification is the effort of man to change naturally occurring weather, for the benefit of someone. The best-known kind of weather modification is cloud seeding, with the goal of producing rain or snow, suppressing hail (which can ruin crops), or weakening hurricanes.

This essay is a companion to my earlier essay, Weather . The government should always put the welfare and the rights of its citizens first before establishing censorship regulations, and censorship should not be used as a tool to oppress the people to achieve political goals.

Instead, censorship should be used to protect citizens from any potential dangers.

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