How gardners theory applies to me

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How gardners theory applies to me

Gardner's Theory Amy C.

Implications for Classrooms

In his Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Gardner expanded the concept of intelligence to also include such areas as music, spacial relations, and interpersonal knowledge in addition to mathematical and linguistic ability. This digest discusses the origins of Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, his definition of intelligence, the incorporation of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences into the classroom, and its role in alternative assessment practices.

Using biological as well as cultural research, he formulated a list of seven intelligences. This new outlook on intelligence differs greatly from the traditional view which usually recognizes only two intelligences, verbal and computational.

The seven intelligences Gardner defines are: Logical-Mathematical Intelligence--consists of the ability to detect patterns, reason deductively and think logically. This intelligence is most often associated with scientific and mathematical thinking.

Linguistic Intelligence-- involves having a mastery of language. This intelligence includes the ability to effectively manipulate language to express oneself rhetorically or poetically. It also allows one to use language as a means to remember information.

Spatial Intelligence-- gives one the ability to manipulate and create mental images in order to solve problems.

How gardners theory applies to me

This intelligence is not limited to visual domains-- Gardner notes that spatial intelligence is also formed in blind children.

Musical Intelligence-- encompasses the capability to recognize and compose musical pitches, tones, and rhythms. Auditory functions are required for a person to develop this intelligence in relation to pitch and tone, but it is not needed for the knowledge of rhythm.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence-- is the ability to use one's mental abilities to coordinate one's own bodily movements.

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This intelligence challenges the popular belief that mental and physical activity are unrelated. The Personal Intelligences-- includes interpersonal intelligence -- the ability to understand and discern the feelings and intentions of others-- and intrapersonal intelligence --the ability to understand one's own feelings and motivations.

These two intelligences are separate from each other. Nevertheless, because of their close association in most cultures, they are often linked together. Although the intelligences are anatomically separated from each other, Gardner claims that the seven intelligences very rarely operate independently.

How gardners theory applies to me

Rather, the intelligences are used concurrently and typically complement each other as individuals develop skills or solve problems. For example, a dancer can excel in his art only if he has 1 strong musical intelligence to understand the rhythm and variations of the music, 2 interpersonal intelligence to understand how he can inspire or emotionally move his audience through his movements, as well as 3 bodily-kinesthetic intelligence to provide him with the agility and coordination to complete the movements successfully.

Basis for Intelligence Gardner argues that there is both a biological and cultural basis for the multiple intelligences.

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Neurobiological research indicates that learning is an outcome of the modifications in the synaptic connections between cells.

Primary elements of different types of learning are found in particular areas of the brain where corresponding transformations have occurred. Thus, various types of learning results in synaptic connections in different areas of the brain.

Multiple Intelligences: Gardner's Online Education Theory

For example, injury to the Broca's area of the brain will result in the loss of one's ability to verbally communicate using proper syntax. Nevertheless, this injury will not remove the patient's understanding of correct grammar and word usage.

In addition to biology, Gardner argues that culture also plays a large role in the development of the intelligences. All societies value different types of intelligences.

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The cultural value placed upon the ability to perform certain tasks provides the motivation to become skilled in those areas.

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This digest discusses the origins of Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, his definition of intelligence, the incorporation of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences into the classroom, and its role in alternative assessment practices.

The theory of multiple intelligences differentiates human intelligence into specific 'modalities', rather than seeing intelligence as dominated by a single general ability.

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The two types of intelligences that apply to me are the bodily-kinesthesia and the interpersonal. The bodily-kinesthesia applies to me because I played football and basketball in high school.

The coach would draw up the plays and we would have to remember them during practice.

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