Cocacola analysis essay

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Cocacola analysis essay

More and more efforts have been established by medical professionals to finding a solution to the fact that 54 percent of adults and 33 percent of children on a global scale within developed countries are obese or suffer from some form of unhealthy dietary or nutritional challenge brought about by what they consume Ali, While it can be said that there are a broad range of factors that contribute to the above mentioned statistics, many studies and researches as well as leading medical personnel such as Barry Popkin and even former New York Mayor Bloomberg have pointed to the notion that soft drink consumption is a leading cause of obesity and some other forms of health challenges centered on nutrition around the world.

Sugary beverages over time have been frequently attacked and labelled as a leading contributor to health issues, and the soft drink industry has faced intense criticism and scrutiny. Cocacola analysis essay the world population moving towards a more health conscious paradigm within the context of what they consume, soft drink industry leaders, Coca-Cola was forced to join in the campaign in the fight against poor health, and obesity or risk being labeled as a contributor or propagator of ill health within society.

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The campaign though primarily focused on the challenges of addressing obesity was generally initiated to put Coca-Cola as a societal health conscious firm Hellmich, The campaign called for the general public to come together in a bid to fight health challenges such as obesity.

A media campaign aimed at portraying a positive light on an issue that was detrimental to public health did not in any way go down well with numerous health agencies, professionals and the media.

Cocacola analysis essay

These bodies immediately spoke against such deceptive campaign, dismissing it as an insincere and scrupulous attempt for Coca-Cola to position itself as well as portray the brand as a solution to a societal problem it has played a significant role in creating and propagating.

They pointed to the fact that the campaign, was a foiled attempt Coca-Cola to address damage control within a society that was beginning to understand the benefits of healthy consumption. Many critics continue to point to the fact that the Coca-Cola campaign was a further move of the firm to recover from declining product sales across the world as health consciousness had begun to compel once loyal customers to adopt tea, or healthier beverages Hellmich, However, Coca-Cola stood its ground by issuing a statement centered on the notion that there was no evidence whatsoever to prove that its products were associated or linked to poor health or problems of obesity.

Several suits and counter suits were filed and some dropped. This paper analyzes some of the legal issues Coca-Cola as a firm has had to face in recent times.

The above illustration depicts one of such issues and how the firm was able to get past the challenge of legal outburst and utterances of groups within society as well as how such issues have affected the firm.

In the preceding parts of this literature, we will evaluate more comprehensively legal issues linked to the Coca Cola Company and establish a critical analysis of the issue. The last fifty years has witnessed significant expansions of the Coca-Cola brand, thus positioning itself as a market pioneer in the soda and beverage industry.

This initiative of identifying what every stipulated society desires in terms of soft drinks is significantly responsible for the brands unrivaled success. The brand trades it beverage bases, concentrates, and syrups to bottlers in possession of the Coca-Cola franchise across specific geographic regions all over the world.

The final products are then produced using sweeteners and filtered water. This channeling and distribution technique has been characterized as a strong globalization strategy that has yielded significant results for the firm.

The Coca-Cola brand implements its international marketing schemes in two practical dimensions.

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Firstly it makes use of the horizontal international marketing approach via the establishment of six operating groups in different regions of the world: North America, Eurasia, the Pacific, Latin America, Africa, and Europe, with these regions employing a significantly large associate base approximatelyassociates.

The second implementation of the brands international marketing scheme is implemented on a vertical scale along its supply chain and in line with the relative importance of its franchising system.

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Another legal issue that has been significantly linked with the Coca-Cola brand and one which this literature deems to analyze is the case that focuses on health and obesity. Healthline Media, Inc. would like to process and share personal data (e.g., mobile ad id) and data about your use of our site (e.g., content interests) with our third party partners (see a current.

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